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Why choose larkspur as your wedding confetti petals?

Posted by theconfetticoneco 29/06/2018 0 Comment(s) Wedding Confetti,


Have you ever wondered why we push our larkspur petals for your wedding confetti rather than any of our other petals? If you're anything like me, I always thought as a child that rose petals were the ONE for your confetti, how wrong can you be? There are several reasons why larkspur petals are better for throwing than rose petals - however, there is absolutely nothing to say that you can't use rose petals.


So of course all brides want that dreamy, iconic confetti moment and larkspur is the petal you need to achieve that. The petals have been naturally dried as opposed to freeze dried like our roses and hydrangea petals, so they are lighter in weight and stay in the air for longer. This is what helps to create the fluttering effect in pictures. This is the first reason why we always encourage larkspur for throwing confetti. 


Secondly, we have a wide range of colours which means that you can find one whch suits your colour theme. From pink, to ivory to grey. You may choose to have one block colour in your product, such as our Cotton Candy petals which is a pale pink and looks amazing when thrown, or you could create your own mix. We also have premade larkspur mixes, Mr Popular and Blush have been one of our most popular mixes this year. Our premade mixes are best for those who aren't particualrly bothered about if their confetti matches their colour theme but still want that all important confetti moment. You can also use larkspur as the main petal in another mix. For example, our Pink Champagne mix which has also been popular this year, includes larkspur petals and rose petals; however it is mostly larkspur.


Furthermore, all of our petals are biodegradable and will blow away in the wind witin 30 minutes. Many venues these days will accept biodegradable confetti, however it is always worth checking first. If you're ever unsure about the quantity of petals needed, then we are always available to talk. We have a Facebook page, Instagram page and of course you can always contact us through email. 

Have a lovely weekend from all of us here at The Confetti Cone Company. 


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