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The easiest way and its actually how we measure your petals is to imagine your standard kitchen jug and simply fill it with petals like the pictures above. The smaller jug on the left is half a litre and the bigger jug on the right with the yellow rose petals in is a 1 litre jug. We always fill the jug rather then measuring to the line so we give  you a definite litre!


Good question!, it does not matter wether you buy 1 litre of any of our petals they will all roughly cover 10 of our confetti cones. So the simple math to remember when buying is 1 litre to ten cones, for example 5 litres will cover 50 cones, how ever many litres you buy just add a 0 on the end and thats how many cones you will need. Some people like to fill the cones up more and some people like to make the petals spread so this can mean it can vary.


YES, all our petals are 100% biodegradable, natural and dye free so if they get wet they will not run!

Looking at the picture above you can see the 3 types of petals that we sell. The small ivory petal is called Larkspur or delphiniums as you may also hear it called. Larkspur is an amazing petal for throwing as its so small and delicate, it gives the most beautiful effect in photos. It is naturally dried here in the UK. It is also the best for travelling with as it can compress down, it can squashed and squeezed but as soon as you open it up it will just fluff straight back up!

The yellow roses and blue hydrangeas in the photo above are freeze dried and come from Holland. Now brace yourself because this is where it gets technical so we will try and keep it simple for you! Basically the fresh petals are put in a big machine that freezes them. This process is not done over night and the petals can be in the dryers for up to 1 week. The dryers basically take all the moisture out of the petals so what your left with is a petal that still looks fresh, even smells fresh but feels slightly crisp and will last for a long time, they will never wilt or die and are great for decorating tables or adding extra colour to your confetti.


The simplest answer to this question is whenever you like!

Technically we always advise for you to buy your roses and hydrangeas around 4 weeks before the big day and larkspur can be bought up to 12 months before.

BUT, here at The Confetti Cone Company we offer a pre order service so if you want to tick confetti off your list and get it paid for then you can simply place your order and when we email you to confirm everything we can move your order to our pre order file and that means we put the order on hold until around 4 weeks before the big day when we will then get back in contact with you to reconfirm the whole order, delivery etc and make any changes if needs be.


This is a personal question and it depends entirely on your budget. We usually advise that you supply enough for around half your guests, not everyone will throw the confetti, it is usually women and children who like to get involved although we've seen a few men get in on the action in the past! The main thing with getting the perfect confetti moment photo is having a good understanding with your photographer. Perhaps have someone in charge of giving out the confetti, a bridesmaid or usher and someone who is good at getting people to listen so your guests know when to throw the confetti such as a "on 3" command so that both your guests and the photographer know when to do their bit. 


Our cones are made from 17cm square 100gsm hammered and kraft paper. Each cone uses 2 pieces of paper which makes them extra strong. Each cone is rolled by hand here in our studio. Due to how they are made unfortunately we are unable to send them flat pack BUT if you are travelling abroad with your confetti and cones please let us know because if you have an events coordinator or family at your destination that we could send to then for an extra few pounds we can send them direct abroad. Each order comes with a tracking number so you can make sure everything arrives safe and well and it will take all the stress out of packing them in your suitcase! 

Our cones measure 17cm from the bottom to the front opening, 21cm from the bottom to the back top point and roughly 6cm across the opening (see diagram above).

The best way is to look after your petals depends on which petals you have bought? If you have Larkspur then that is great for a good 12 months but if you have freeze dried roses and hydrangeas then we advise you put your order in our pre order file where we will process the order around 4 weeks before the big day to make sure they are at their very best!

When your petals arrive there isn't much you have to do and most definitely do NOT put them in the freezer, yes we have had this asked before! Just simply keep them in their packaging in the box, out of direct sunlight, at room temperature and away from damp, follow these rules and your confetti will be great on the day!


For Full details on delivery please see our Delivery page. Confetti is always something that can be left to the last minute and we are very used to rushing orders, if you need your order asap then please just email or ring us and we will do our best to get it out as quickly as possible and in time for your big day


And thats it, you are now a fully qualified expert in Confetti!

If there are any questions that we didn't answer above then just give us an email or ring us and we will be more then happy to help!