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Bride Diaries - Vol 7. - Rhiannon Heywood

Posted by theconfetticoneco 11/06/2018 0 Comment(s)


So, this week marks the start of our July bride diaries! Our first entry comes from Rhiannon who has told us about a variety of aspects of her wedding planning journey. She also told us some crucial advice for all of you other soon to be brides! 


Rhiannon started off by telling us that whoever utters the words to you "time will fly", is SO right! She told us that she had 14 months to plan, which is and sounds alot, but she advises that you use your time wisely! Otherwise, you get to the month before your wedding and you are either in wedding heaven waiting for the day and beyond excited, or wedding hell! Luckily, Rhiannon is in wedding heaven. 


Another piece of advice that Rhiannon gave was to get a notepad and pen! She said that this is going to be your bible while wedding planning; or if you're more of a spreadsheet kind of girl, then create one to keep track of all your spending. She told us that she had both as she is a post it and list kind of girl and ticking things off is very satifying - us too Rhiannon! 


Once this was done, she then carried out some research by attending wedding fayres for venders and booking viewings at venues, and most importantly, she read bridal magazines for inspiration on colour themes, decoration and wedding dresses. 



Book the big things first!! That was Rhiannon's first vital piece of advice for her fellow brides. She said that brides may be tempted to start with the dress and she can totally see why because why wouldn't you?! But, you won't know what type of dress will be suitable for the day if you don't know what type of venue you'll be at - big dresses at a festival syle wedding and outdoor toilets may not work so well. We agree with you on that one Rhiannon. Furthermore, hair and make up is also a vital element of wedding planning which needs to be booked early as if they are any good, they may have already started taking bookings for years in advance. She also said that you should definitely read reviews and go for trials if they offer them. Rhiannon booked a make up artist who had comments left on her make up page singing her praises, she knew that she was the one. 


Next, photographers, florists and cake! Research before booking and also arrange meetings and ask for samples when meeting with caterers. We think cake sampling is a brilliant idea Rhiannon.. Maybe even the best part of wedding planning. 


Now... The dress. Rhiannon's favourite part, but she told us you must try on all styles, even the ones that you don't particualrly picture yourself in, as the likely hood of you leaving with the dress you expeced to leave with is extremely small. Rhiannon had imagined a slinky, 1920's, Jenny Packham style dress, or a fishtail and none of them suited her. She told us that thankfully, the lady who she bought her dress from was completely honest and pointed her in the right direct. Rhiannon recommends taking someone who is brutally honest with you - a bit like the brutally honest Aunt on 'Say Yes To The Dress". 



The other key things to consider are the DJ or band, transport and then stationary. Rhiannon designed her own stationary as she knew she wanted something a little different and wanted to give it her own personal touch. However, she said that there are hundreds of people who offer bespoke stationary now, so it woudn't be hard to find someone who offers what you're looking for. In addition, Rhiannon has also made her own wedding favours! You have way more patience than us Rhiannon... Luckily for her though, she works in leather and her partner works in woodwork! 


Rhiannon also told us that her last tip doesn't apply to everyone... but she said to start any transformations early! For example, body shape or hair colour. Rhiannon has been trying to lighten her hair since September and has taken time to get it exactly where she wants it. She now loves it and is glad she started early so there was more time for her hair to get back to a good condition and look exactly how she pictured it. This is good advice as can you imagine there being a mess up with hair colour the week before your big day?! The next thing Rhiannon has been working on is weight loss and her body shape. She advised that 9 months is enough time for you to get into a routine and start feeling amazing! However, if you're talking huge weight loss; hire that PT the minute you set a date. Rhiannon told us she's speaking from experience as she has lost 2 stone and gone down 2 dress sizes since first being engaged! If you're interested in her journey, she told us to head to her Instagram, or to contact her directly as she is a qualified PT and is happy to take online clients to help them achieve their goal weight for their wedding day! 



The last piece of advice from our first July bride, is to enjoy it and do it together! You only get one wedding and you are marrying your partner for life, involve them! Even if they just say yes or no, it makes your life easier and it also makes them feel involved! Finally, don't be afraid to delegate to bridesmaids and trusted family members. Rhiannon got told she wasn't sharing enough of the work, oops, so she handed them a list and she admitted she felt so much better for it. 


Rhiannon also told her fellow bride to be's to enjoy it... Her planning is coming to an end and she feels a little sad that she won't be looking at dresses and flowers anymore, but even more excited to start her married life! Eeek! 


We can't wait for Rhiannon's follow up blog! But until then... Keep posted for more July brides! 


Happy planning brides!

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