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Wedding Confetti Jars

Posted by theconfetticoneco 04/07/2018 0 Comment(s)


So today ladies and genlemen, i'm going to tell you all about why you NEED our confetti jars at your wedding. We are always trying to push the boundaries to give you the best possible confetti moment and this is when our Confetti Jars came to life. 


Each plastic jar is personalised with the names of the happy couple and date of the wedding. But wait... It gets better! Our Confetti Jars are available in 21 different coloured labels. They are made from plastic too so they are child friendly, meaning that no one is left out of the confetti moment. They are designed to share so we would recommend that you purchase enough for half of your guests. 


You can choose up to four of our larkspur petals to put into your jars. Our Mr Popular mix and Blush has been two of our most popular colours to put into the jars this year and they look fab! We don't recommend hydrangeas or rose petals in the jars are they aren't physically big enough for them to fit in. All of our petals are biodegradable and contain no dye. 


Furthermore, our jars are great keepsakes afterwards. The jars can also be bought and used to hold sweets in as personalised wedding favours. 


Confetti jars are a great addition to any wedding and they are only £2 per jar. You simply cannot go wrong. 


Remember, you saw them here first! Happy wedding planning. 

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