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Why choose biodegradable wedding confetti?

Posted by theconfetticoneco 07/01/2019 0 Comment(s)


With biodegradable wedding confetti becoming increasingly popular, have you ever wondered why there is a mad craze for it? 

Well, our biodegradable wedding confetti is better for throwing than paper confetti, as it is less harmul to the enviroment. There is less cleaning with biodegradable wedding confetti as it blows away in the wind within minutes of it being thrown. Paper confetti would more than likely involve someone sweeping it away. Furthermore, the biodegradable petals are less harmful to wildlife than paper confetti is. 

Not only are there these enviromental benefits of the biodegradable wedding confetti petals, but, confetti petals do create a better confetti moment than paper confetti. The petals look better in pictures when thrown. 

So when looking for your wedding confetti, make sure you opt for biodegradble petals. 

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