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Bride Diaries - Vol. 9 - Emma Pepper Davies

Posted by theconfetticoneco 26/06/2018 1 Comment(s)


Good Afternoon ladies, how lush is this weather?! Although we are having to watch the sun sorch the UK through the studio windows, it's all worth it so that you lovely people can have your all important confetti moments. However, today marks the last day of our July brides. 


Emma wrote to us about one of the most exciting things that you can write about. WARNING:  i'd recommed eating before you read this blog. I made the mistake of reading this before my lunch. If you haven't gussed yet, this entry is about food. 


Emma and Ashley said that they aren't the most traditional of couples and they've decided on a church ceremony with a tipi reception. They came to an agreement that after their ceremoney, they wanted their reception to be relaxed and informal, esentially a massive party for all of their favourite people. Emma said she was in love with the idea of having a huge tent in the middle of a field with that boho, chic feel to it and lots of fresh flowers and a fire. Sounds amazing Emma, can we come?


Together, they went along to Totally Tipi's open days and immidiately knew it was what they wanted so paid their deposit. One they had solidified their venue, of course it was time to consider caterers. This is one of the most important elements to a wedding as you want to try and please everyone, whilst remembering that the day is about you and what you want. Although Emma told us that she is a vegetarian and Ashley would live of cheese sandwiches if he could (haha, us too) so they tried to pick something that they would like to eat. Their main ideas were Jamaican style canapes, they were engaged in Jamaica so wanted to incorporateit into their day if they could, a Yorkshire style sharing board with homemade breads, dips,cheeses and meats, a homemade pie with peas and mash for the main course and then for desert, a build your own masterpeice including all of their favourites. WOW! Sounds absolutely amazing. Don't say I didn't warn you to eat before you read this haha! Emma said some people must have seen the menu and thought 'What is that?!' but they love it and that is all that matters! 


The more caterers they spoke to, they seemed to be getting further and further away from their desired menu. Some caterers were quoting them up to £9000 if they were not willing to 'compramise'. Emma said, absolutely no way she was willing to compramise, and she will also not be paying £9000. Haha, go girl! Then one day, on her dinner break, she came across Aperyer Catering. Of course she jumped straight on instagram for a nosey, and to her delight, their food looked delicious. She sent them an email enquiring about their menu with the details of the tipis, location and date. Emma had everything crossed waiting for their reply. 



Emma said to us that everytime she recieved an email, phone call or text she had a mini heart attack before opening them as she was so nervous about what they had said. She said she must be more on edge than she thought - totally understandable Emma! Much to Emma's surprise, the response that they got said that the compan could definitely work within their budget and their menu ideas were right up their street. Hoorayyyy for Emma!


Some advice Emma gave was to always check with your venue if they will have all the kitchen equipment required. Particularly in a tipi! Some catering companies don't have their own equipment so it will cost more for you to hire them seperate if you're venue doesn't come with it. 


One of the most important things you MUST do when choosing a caterer is tasting. They may come across as passionate and be enthusiastic to help turn your foodie dreams into a reality, however, the food they produce may not meet your standards.  Emma booked a tasting day with Aperyer catering and had no clue what to expect. Unbeknowingly to Emma and Ashley, the chef had prepared almost their whole menu for them to sample. It was served on exactly the same board and dishes that it would be served on on the day so they could truly visualize what it would be like. They were talked through everything to ensure that they were 100% happy with it. There were both vegetarian options and full meat options so everyone would be catered for. 


Emma said that one of the things that guests will make a comment on and remember is the food and how good or bad it was and whether the portion sizes were enough, so tasting sessions are vital. Furthermore, she said to remember to include your photographer and videographer (those are the main ones) in catering plans. 


Emma finished off by saying that they think their wedding menu is incredibe! Even if Ashley did his usual waiting until they'd left to say he wasn't "reyt happy" - it's a Barnsley thing, but it translates to he wasn't very happy. This resulted in Emma having another mini breakdown and screaming at him asking him why on earth he never said anything when they were in there. His response was, '' only because I only have to wait another 9 months to eat it all again'', haha! Emma didn't find this funny, but we do. Oops, sorry Emma. 


Not long for the future Mr and Mrs Green to wait! We can't wait to hear about their fabulous wedding day and do a follow up blog. 

Happy wedding planning ladies! And enjoy the sun, but don't forget the sun cream! 


1 Comment(s)

29/06/2019, 01:21:20 PM

As the grooms sister I can categorically say the food at Ashley and Emma’s wedding was beyond amazing and everyone else thought so too. The whole wedding was beautiful and there was a lot of little touches that made the whole day so wonderful. I’m hoping they renew their vows soon so we can do it all again (especially the pie I’d be reyt happy eating that again. Victoria x

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