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Bride Diaries - Vol. 4 - Louise Bath

Posted by theconfetticoneco 10/05/2018 0 Comment(s)


Hello there! It's been a while since I last updated the blog. We have alot going off in the Confetti Cone studio as we have now reached the start of the wedding season and our sales are at their peak! We are high in demand at the minute so we are working twice as hard to ensure that all of you lovely people get your orders before the BIG day! However, today, I have made it my first priority to start the June bride diary entries! 


Our first June bride is Louise Bath who has been with her husband-to-be for 5 years! How exciting does that sound? Husband-to-be... Louise told us that over the years, she has been fortuante enough to see many of her friends and loved ones tie the knot, but without sounding too abrupt, its her turn now! She definitely has a set idea of what she would like her day to look like: traditional, classic, with a touch of modern. However, Louise told us that she chose to keep as many specific details about her wedding day under wraps from friends and family as she could. Which is pretty ironic considering that we are writing a blog about her wedding experience haha! She told us that there was infact a reason to her madness, and this was that she wanted to keep that element of suprise to her wedding day and that it has made the planning process more personal and private. Louise would reccomend this to everyone who is planning their wedding as she says that others opinions could dissuade you from what is it you both really want.


After finding the perfect engagament ring, of course, their first priority was setting the place and date of their wedding. Louise again reccomends that this is the first thing you and your groom secure, as your dress must be practical for the time of year and the venue that you choose. It all flows from the venue. Louise and her hubby-to-be found their country hotel within 2 months of being engaged and their date was set. They sent their invites with 16 months left to go, people make plans months in advance so it is best to get these out as soon as the date is set so people can get their diaries cleared for you. Louise also said that it is important to ensure that there are no big events taking place near your wedding date. After booking their venue and setting their date, Louise shortly came to the realisation that her wedding is near the world cup. After a tense wait, she discovered that England are not playing on their wedding day - thank god. 



Unexpectedly, one of the most stressful aspects of planning a wedding is the dress. There were a few tnse exchanges infront of well seasoned sales assisstants, all in persuit of 'the one'. She travelled from London boutiques, to wedding shows, to local independent shops - Louise tried the whole spectrum. Even though she has seen some that she had liked, she knew she hadn't found the one that she would wear to walk down the isle. With just 11 months to go, only Louise, her mum and her sister know what the dress looks like, and although after a few prosecco's it is hard to keep quiet, Louise wants to keep the dress a suprise. 


Obviously food and drink is an imporant part of the day. Louise and her fiance don't want anyone to be hungry or thirsty. Fortunately, their hotel comes with a set package of choices for reception drinks, canapes and the wedding breakfast. However, they are adding to this as food and drink is pivotal. They both got the opportunity to taste the food that the venue offers so that they know what their guests will be eating on the day. Louise would reccomend this if your venue offers it as the most expensive options are not always the best. 


Another part of wedding planning that isnt often considered or spoken about is looking after yourself! Louise has been into her fitness for years but she has now began having several personal training sessions as the prospect of so many people looking at you on your big day is pretty daunting. She has also been having regular facials and trying to drink four pints of water per day. Louise thought she was being OTT but she said she feels good on the inside, so we think it's all being neccessary. She told us that she massively recommends you and your groom making time for yourselves in the run up to the day. Lousie has a holiday planned with her mum and sister in order to try and remain calm. Time off work may also be neccessary in order to reduce stress. 


We have enjoyed being part of Louise's wedding plannng experience and she has certainly gave lots of tips and advice! We are looking forwards to seeing the secret dress and writing a follow up blog about her big day!


Keep checking back on our site daily for more June bride diary entries. 


Happy wedding planning gorgeous girlies!


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