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Bride Diaries - Vol. 11 - Chloe Beaney

Posted by theconfetticoneco 24/07/2018 0 Comment(s)


The minute after getting engaged, Chloe began thinking that the stressing, saving, dieting, detoxing and planning starts here! 

Chloe told us about her stationary making with her mum, sister, daughter and bridesmaids. They got together with pizza and one (or four bottles) of wine and started drawing, designing, cutting, sticking and tying. Like elves at work, they began to create invites, place name cards, signs, bunting and favours, all the other little things that make your day personal to you. Chloe said they all laughed until their sides hurt with a few squabbles which quickly ended after her mum threw pizza at her. Sounds like lots of fun. 
When they had finished, Chloe told us that they all took a few minutes to admire their handy work and the feeling of immense accomplishment and proudness was written all over their faces with huge smiles taking over their faces. Close said her daughter was more than pleased and shouted “thank god that’s over with” haha! 10 going on 16 Chloe says… 
Chloe said that she could have paid someone to make all of the little bits and saved herself a hell of a lot of time but as a woman who loves anything quirky, personal and meaningful, they were the things that would have stood out to her had she been attending a wedding. So she wanted to give her guests something to talk and laugh about and remember in years to come. 
To Chloe, the most important thing about her wedding is being surrounded by everyone who means the world to her and she wanted to go above and beyond to make her day the best for everyone. A day of love, laughter, happiness, tears, dancing, lots of food and even more alcohol that will go down in history. 
Chloe ended with some advice to all of you newly engaged brides to be…. Try and enjoy every single minute of your planning. We couldn’t agree more with this Chloe. Whilst trying to ensure that everyone is satisfied, content and happy, remember that it is your day! 
Happy planning people, don’t forget the confetti! 

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