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Bride Diaries - Vol. 10 - Katie Challinor

Posted by theconfetticoneco 19/07/2018 0 Comment(s)


As a bride you get asked all the time… “What’s been your favourite part of wedding planning? What have you enjoyed the most?” and of course this is ultimately what we’ve asked our brides. However, Katie told us that it’s really hard to narrow down this question as if you’re someone like her, organising a big event, never mind her own wedding, is one of the most exciting (all be it a little stressful) things ever. However, Katie said that if she had to pin point a moment when she knew all of her wedding dreams and plans would come true was finding her wedding venue. 
Being engaged in December of 2016, Katie and her fiancé were planning on getting married in the summer of 2018, so they knew the venue hunt was on. The first place that they visited was their old university where they had both met. Due to it’s sentimental reasons, they thought it would be their perfect place. It was beautiful but the dates that they had remaining didn’t tie in with what they were looking for and they didn’t get ‘that’ feeling. They had other venue visits organised so at that point in time they didn’t feel too worried. 
Katie recalls the dreary weather on the day her partner, mother and her drove up a long winding driveway with fields either side. Amid the mist, appeared a stunning building. A gothic like mansion and estate. From the outside, it looked beautiful Katie told us. They drove underneath the archway and parked in the forecourt - this sounds extremely posh, we can only imagine what the inside is going to look like. 
The owners gave Katie a warm welcome and made them feel very comfortable and at ease straight away. The owners of the property continued to show them around and all Katie could think was wow! Ornate ceilings, a vast dark wood imperial staircase in the entrance hall, large open fireplaces with crackling logs, each room beautifully decorated but in keeping with the grandeur of the house. Katie asked us if she was painting a wonderful magical imagine in our minds… YES Katie you are! 
The tour continued outside. They were led up to an orangery. Katie said that it is a wonderful secret garden-esque part of the house and another option where they could hold the actual wedding along side the ceremony room inside. At the time of their tour, the surrounding gardens were not in bloom however, you can imagine how picturesque it would look in the summer. 
Then, onto the marquee where the wedding breakfast and the party would be held. Katie told us that one of the things that they both liked about the set up was that they had the ornateness of the house inside for the ceremony, but a blank canvas to play with in the marquee. They found out so much about the history of the house and the owners do so much to help with the build up to the wedding and on the actual day. Katie said it felt so right and perfect, as though it was meant to be. 
Katie said if you haven’t already guessed… This is the venue they chose. It ticked all of their boxes and it gave them “that” feeling. Katie also said you will absolutely know what she means when you get this feeling yourselves. She said it’s hard to describe; goosebumps, butterflies, etc. It was the ceremony room and the bridal suite that did it for her mostly as she could actually picture herself there. Katie was looking for her finances reaction however, she said that like most men, there wasn’t much over than a few, “Aah, it’s nice” and “yeah it’s decent”. Although, Katie said if he didn’t like it then he would have just been saying “no” the whole way around. 
Katie said, yes, they found their perfect venue from only visiting two places, but they knew it was the one and they knew it would be different for everyone. And here began the remainder of their wedding planning. 
Well it’s fair to say, we will be dreaming of Katie and her fiancés venue tonight. Haha! 
Happy wedding planning peoples!

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