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Welcome to Bride Diaries

Posted by theconfetticoneco 16/04/2018 1 Comment(s)


Welcome to Bride Diaries!


Hello ladies! We are extremely excited to be finally starting our bride diaries after months of much anticipation. 

We have selected 12 bride-to-be's who we are going to follow on their rollercoster ride of a wedding. Literally, from the proposal to picking that perfect venue and that dream dress, right up to the big day. Each bride has recieved a confetti package from us as a thank you for letting us in on all the juicy gossip; but this also means that we will recieve some confetti moment pictures that we can share with all of you.  We have 3 brides that are tying the knot in May - so not long to go now!

Our first bride is Chelsey who is getting married in Italy and has told us about her bridesmaids and their expreience when bridesmaid dress shopping. Read our next blog update to hear Chelsey's story.  
Our next May bride is Sabrina who has been to the other side of the world and back to try and find the dress she will say 'i do' in. No, she really has been to the other side of the world. 

Last, but definitely not least, Joanne. She has told us about picking the venue whilst trying to remain in her budget, so if you're facing difficulties trying to find that perfect venue without putting yourself in a lifetime full of debt, then settle down with a glass of wine (of course) and take a read at Joanne's story and maybe youre mind will be put at ease knowing it's not just you with these venue struggles!
We are excited to work with these brides through their wedding journey and we hope that you will enjoy reading about their experiences. You never know, these blogs might help and give you some tips, or maybe they'll just be a good read while you're planning your own wedding. 

Happy reading!!!

1 Comment(s)

Candy Kisses:
05/05/2018, 07:49:08 PM,

Just popping by to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new website, it really does look fantastic!! Looking forward to reading the Bride Diaries over the Bank holiday weekend!!

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