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Bride Diaries Vol. 1 - Chelsey Pickles

Posted by theconfetticoneco 17/04/2018 0 Comment(s)



Hello to all of you bride to be's out there who are nervously counting down the days! 


Our first ever bride diary entry is from Chelsey who we asked to tell us about choosing her bridesmaid's dresses. It's fair to say, they all had lots of fun on their day trip to Leeds. 


Chelsey told us that as soon she and her fiance got engaged, she knew straight away who would be part of her bride tribe and that they'd be just as relaxed and laid back as Chelsey is. She wasn't sure of the colour theme that they were going to go for, but she would have loved to put all her girls in emerald green dresses as this is hers and her partners favourite colour; however as she went dress shopping during the summer she struggled to find any dressed in this colour. Chelsey is as organised as organised can be so didn't want to risk waiting until the winter to find her emerald dresses. Also, Chelsey is getting married in the romantic city of Italy, so she needed to ensure that all of her bridesmaids would be comfortable and not have them feeling hot and stuffy. 


Chelsey took to the internet to order dresses from various online stores but ended up retuning them - it was at this point she had an epiphany... Chelsey and her bridal tribe were off to Leeds for the day to try on thousands of dresses!


Very quickly, the excitement and enthusiasm of the bridesmaids wore off. One bridesmaid even threw a diva strop and said she refused to try on any more dresses, even though she only tried on 5 in total. After trying on and disliking many more dresses and entering many changing rooms, we all came to a joint decision that we should DEFINITELY sample some of the local bars and visit the unlimited prosecco and pizza bar. Yes, you read that right... Unlimited pizza and prosecco. 


Chelsey highly reccomended Buca de Pizza in Leeds. Pizza and prosecco?? Yes please.


After a few too many gin's, Chelsey and her girls ventured back into Coast and they all fell in love with a jumpsuit that would suit everyone. She told us that looking back, they were probably every shop assistants worst nightmare; high pitched, drunk, cackling women on a Saturday afternoon. But we think that if you can't have fun whilst choosing your bridesmaids dresses then you're doing it all wrong. There's nothing wrong with a g&t, or 2, or 3... Not knowing whether it was the gin or prosecco they had knocked back, they thought that the jumpsuit would be a brilliant idea! However, they didn't purchase them as not everyone's size was in stock, so they walked away with the name of the jumpsuit and every intention to order them online at a later date. 


With the bridesmiads attire sorted - kinda, Chelsey felt that it was only right that they went to celebrate!!! Que more prosecco and gin. 



The next morning, after sobering up, Chelsey decided that although the jumpsuits had been perfect for all of her bridesmaids, they wouldn't have been overly practical in the summer heat of Italy. Furthermore, one of her bridesmaids stands at only a mere 5 foot tall (maybe a slight exagguration on Chelseys behalf), may have looked a bit daft in abillowing flowy jumpsuit. So, back Chelsey went to her original ASOS hunt. 


Whatsapp was a greatly used platform for the girls to vote on dresses that Chelsey ordered, while one very patient bridesmaid had the job of trying them all on. Finally, Chelsey and hergirls decided on THE ONE, and everyone loved it. Complimenting Chelseys dress perfectly and having a bit of glamour while still suiting everyone, the bridesmaids dress hunt was over. 


Chelsey and her bride tribe had lots of fun bridesmaid dress shopping and she hopes that it helped her girls to bond too. So if you're looking for a way to get your bridesmaids together, maybe you should also vist the unlimited pizza and prosecco bar! Gin also helped. 


We hope you enjoyed reading about Chelsey and her bridal team's bridesmaid dress hunt as much as we enjoyed hearing about it. Chelsey is one of our May brides so she hasn't got long to wait now, meaning we haven't got long until we can see her confetti moment! After Chelsey's big day, when we recieve any confetti moment pictures, we will write another blog about the big day - maybe we will even get to see the bridesmaids dresses!


Happy wedding planning to you lovely ladies.

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