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Confetti Cone Packages

Posted by theconfetticoneco 17/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

Ever wondered why you should purchase one of our Confetti Cone packages? Well below i'll explain exactly why!


We have a range of different styles of confetti cone packages available. We have a range of actual cone styles available in a packages, the one above is the Classic Cone package, we also have Vogue cones available in a package, Fleur cones, Modern Romantic cones and many more. There is also different types of packages in terms of what they contain. For example, in the Classic packages, there are two options. Package 1 contains your classic confetti cones and mixed biodegradable larkspur petals, and Package 2 contains the same but with confetti cone stands which present the cones and keep them from getting damaged. 


If you bought your Confetti Cones seperate, you'd then have to buy your petals seperate too. If you purchase a package, you get the right amount of petals included for how many cones you need. For example, if you order a package with 10 cones, you'll get 1 litre of petals. 


If you bought the cones, petals and stands seperately it would work out more money than buying a package. 

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